Strategic Partners in Advancing Asians, Asian Americans,
and Members of the Asian Diaspora throughout the World

Strategic Partners in Advancing Asians, Asian Americans,
,and Members of the Asian Diaspora throughout the World

  • Asian Australian Alliance

    Penrith, NSW, Australia

Asian Australian Alliance


Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) is a grassroots, community based network, advocating on  issues common among the Asian Australian community, with the purpose of challenging policies and pushing for change to create greater diversity and representation of Asian Australians in mainstream society.

Established in 2013,  AAA is a collective of various sub communities covering all Asian Australian communities, with the purpose of challenging policies and advocating for change in seeing better diversity and representation of Asian Australians in the mainstream society. AAA has additional branches including the Asian Australian Alliance Womens forum (AAAWF), Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders (AAAYL), Asian Australian Rainbow Alliance (AAuRA), and the Movement of Asian Australian Academics. AAA has been featured in the media on television, radio, print and online. It has recently been web-listed and archived as part of the National Library of Australia’s database for historical research purposes.  Using the principle of selfless empowerment and an individual accountability model, AAA has momentum unlike no other community growth vehicle. Our AAA logo symbolizes Asian community of unity where the orbital paths of Asian communities intersect in many multiple patterns of intersectional interests and issues.

The AAA is a collective leadership of various sub-communities in the overall Asian communities known as the Indian, Chinese,Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean and others. AAA brings about developing common issues so that these are effectively collectively represented with all sides of government. Through public forums and roundtables, the collective leader leadership in AAA develops ongoing policies and makes decisions in regards to these activities and issues. The role of the conveners and their support team is to administrate, manage and facilitate the wishes of the collective leadership by carrying out the decisions of the collective leadership.

In 2015, AAA expanded nationally, with branches established outside of NSW, including ACT, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Currently, NSW, Victoria and the ACT are well-established, with representatives building and mobilizing in the other states. These branches across the country bring together common issues so that they are effectively and collectively represented with state and federal government. In May, AAA held its inaugural national conference in Melbourne, titled: Race, Identity and Advocacy – Where do Asian Australians belong? A series of panel discussions will be held with leading politicians, academics, journalists, community leaders, social commentators and media personalities who will share their wisdom and discuss community issues with each other and the audience based on their own expertise, experiences and ideas.

  • Asian Women Untangled

    Bellingham, WA, USA

Asian Women Untangled

Bellingham, WA, USA

Established in January, 2017, Asian Women Untangled is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing issues and education about Asian women: history, culture, policies, leadership, health, and relationships such as the current discussions on yellow fever ( meaning Asian women as a target for dating, mail brides, prostitutions based on stereotypes of Asian women).

Its first major project is the creation of a website and Facebook group with resources and blogs for anyone related to Asian Women. Asian Women Untangled will provide an avenue for social change for and about Asian Women, uniting allAsian women of all races and religions.

AWU's vision is to facilitate this so that we can grow and learn together, for a better and healthier Asian women community inside and outside of the Asian women circle.

  • Asian American Institute

    Washington, DC, USA

Asian American Institute

Washington, DC, USA

The Asian American Institute, established in February, 2017, is dedicated to promoting the general well-being of Asians, Asian Americans, and members of the Asian Diaspora through policy advocacy, research, networking, information dissemination, leadership development, and community outreach and empowerment.

The work of our scholars and staff advances ideas rooted in our belief in equal, civil, and human rights. We are committed to making the intellectual, moral, and practical case for Asian, Asian Americn, and Asian Diaspora empowerment. Our work explores ideas that further these goals, and AAI scholars take part in this pursuit with academic freedom and intellectual rigor. AAI operates independently of any political party and has no institutional positions. Our scholars’ conclusions are fueled by rigorous, data-driven research, and broad-ranging evidence.

Our scholars not only engage in research that focuses on today’s most critical challenges but also look ahead to ideas and issues that have yet to be fully recognized. AAI scholars pursue innovative, independent work across a wide array of subjects. From economics, sociology, education, race relations, immigration, international relations, health care, and poverty to public opinion, politics, society, and culture, our experts are driven by our dual sense of social justice and research.

AAI actively seeks and encourages engagement with those who hold different points of view. We welcome civil disagreement because we believe that a competition of ideas is essential to a free society.  As one expression of free thought, AAI maintains Asians NOW!, the largest Facebook group focusing on Asians, Asian Americans, and members of the Asian Diaspora.

It is unusual in Washington, DC, to embrace open debate, intellectual freedom, and human welfare—and to do so unencumbered by partisan considerations and special interests. As a result, decision makers and leaders in Washington and across the country trust our work, and we are able to foster cooperation at a time of deep division in our country and abroad.

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